Apr 20

Hell yeah just found out Sublime w/ Rome is gonna be at Sunfest. Just made my fucking life.


🌴Summer Trips✌



🌴Summer Trips✌


Apr 19

Apr 18


if I ever have a daughter I’m going to tell her I love her everyday and buy her a gift every Valentine days. I gotta show her how she’s supposed to be treated so she won’t fall for a fucknigga

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Apr 13
  • Kevin Durant: go to your room lil nigga
  • Kevin Durants son: *plays Fuck KD from room*

Apr 12

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Apr 9

Apr 7

Apr 3

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“Constant striving for perfection of the self through a chosen art is the only path to enlightenment. Words can only bring you to the foot of the path, to attain mastery and perfection you must constantly strive to better yourself through an understanding of your chosen way.” Miyamoto Musashi (via tenkaichibudokai)

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Mar 27

Hommage à Yves Klein triptyque Eric Michel


Hommage à Yves Klein triptyque Eric Michel

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Mar 25


Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Rosyln

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Mar 24

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